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Who we are

The Association of Independent Insolvency Practitioners (AIIP) is a non-profit organisation established by Insolvency Practitioners to assist fellow IPs to meet the challenges prevailing in the industry. AIIP was founded in 2016 and we now over a third of all insolvency practitioners have enjoyed AIIP membership across Australia. Members are either Registered Liquidators and/or Registered Trustees. Our members primarily practice in the SME market.

AIIP offers its members very affordable, practical and informative monthly discussion groups in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Parramatta. The monthly discussion groups supplement our members continuing professional development obligations.

AIIP has joined ASIC’s and AFSA’s stakeholder liaison groups. ASIC and AFSA have both presented at our discussion groups and at our conference.

If you are dealing with an AIIP member, you are dealing with a fully qualified and government registered insolvency practitioner.





Anthony Warner

Vice President

CRS Insolvency Services

Roland Robson


Robson Cotter

Suelen McCallum


dVT Group

Schon Condon

board member

Condon Advisory Group

John Morgan

Conference Chair

BCR Advisory

Trent McMillen

Board Member

Mac Insolvency

Simon Miller

Board Member

Clifton Hall